Common sense

Common sense - With knowledge and education

Common sense - With knowledge and education

Young children don’t often understand the concept of what is safe or unsafe. Their brain hasn’t yet developed enough to adequately assess risk; and this is why they get themselves into dangerous predicaments. Normal physical development, curiosity or boredom will expose young children to hazards in and around the home or school.


With knowledge and education, many injuries can be prevented. By making changes in our homes, buying safer products and providing effective adult supervision, we can reduce many of our children’s potential injuries, and ensure we keep our kids safe (click for external source).


The most important mission for us is to help preventing accidents through constant improvement and development of safety products, though this may never replace adult supervision.


And luckily we are not alone – with both well-established and new organizations all around the world there is clear evidence for more and more people wishing for to making the world a safer place for our kids.


As Global Alliance for Child Safety evolves over time, our goal is to work together with organizations both locally and globally.


In the meantime you can find useful information at these sites:

Child Accident Prevention Trust (UK)

The Safety Educator (Australia)

Safe Kids Worldwide (international)

Børneulykkesfonden (Denmark)