Child safety is a passion, and our mission is clear - to drive a higher standard of child safety through more effective products, improved standards and better education. In the UK and elsewhere, over 50% of under 5's visit hospital accident departments every year, and by far the majority of these accidents happen in the home. We can change this.

Home Safety

Nothing beats careful adult supervision, but home safety products are an invaluable second line of defence. Our member manufacturing companies are committed to developing products that meet stringent GACS standards for quality and effectiveness.

Safety Standards

...are an important tool to ensure that products are safe and effective, yet many home safety products are not regulated by any public safety standard. The GACS team is working with leading testing houses to develop appropriate standards that will fill this void.

Knowledge is a great thing

Much of home safety is common sense, but as a new parent, there is a lot to learn, so tips and advice is invaluable.
The GACS team work to ensure that their knowledge, gained from decades of experience in the industry, is shared as widely as possible.
  • Safer products
  • Campaigns
  • Education
  • Improved Standards
  • Sufficient testing
  • Collaboration and networking

We appriciate your opinion

Please get in tough with your ideas, useful links, helpful data, observations and inventions......or let us know how we could help you further

What we do...


We constantly improve existing products and develop new ones, ensuring we make intelligent use of technological advances and meet the needs of a constantly changing home environment. At the same time, we work on safety standards committees and develop our own for where there is no current standard.

Who we are...


GACS members are among the most experienced manufacturers, retailers, distributors and childproffers in the world. Using this knowledge and experience under one umbrella irganisation we can make a difference.

How we do it...


By exchanging information we continue our work in making the world a safer place for our children. What a GACS member learns in one country is quickly spread round the team - new ideas are quickly translated into action for improving child safety.